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Picollator Loves My Girlish Smile

I tried a beta of the site Picollator, which I first encountered at, I believe, a Digital Hollywood conference last year (I'll be speaking at their May event too; let me know if you're going). Their CD with the software is still sitting on my desk - I've been meaning to check it out one of these days - but they have a new free web-based version. This looks like it's meant to be the people's version of My Heritage, where you upload a photos of yourself and find celebrity lookalikes. This is meant to go far beyond that; we'll see...

Here's what Picollator came up with for me. Let me know if you have better results.

As an aside, this reminds me of a story I heard about My Heritage where someone tried to make all sorts of different faces and angle their head in the right way to trigger celebrity matches and was able to do it pretty successfully.