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Would You Follow This Person on Twitter?

One of the great democratizing forces on Twitter is getting a concise look at the stats someone's followers and who he or she is following. When you're not sure who a person is immediately, there are some heuristics you can use to figure out if they're worth following.

A dead giveaway is when someone's following a ton of people and few are following back. It's okay if there's a decent disparity - a 2:1 follower:followed ratio is perfectly normal. Yet once you start getting into 3:1 or definitely 4:1 territory, something appears off.

Would you ever follow a Twitter user with these stats?:

That's 12.5:1 follower:followed. Sure enough, the messages reeked of twitter spam. Is there any scenario where you've followed someone with numbers like this?

An aside: I'm trying to get into Twitter more these days; follow me and (assuming you're not a spammer, psychopath, or former governor) I'll follow you back.