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Green Communications 2008: The Case Studies Conference (Partner Plug)

Below find information on the next event from the Business Development Institute with a discount at the end. You can view my Media Sponsorship Policy here.

Green Communications 2008: The Case Studies Conference

For more information and to register visit Use promo code MSCOM when registering for a discounted rate of $145.

Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Time: 1:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Place: The Graduate Center/CUNY: 365   Fifth Avenue; New York, NY 10016
Registration Fee: $195

Green initiatives are more than just a passing trend; they are a part of daily life. Individuals, communities, and companies have embraced this movement and now incorporate it into their lives, products, and business strategies. This half day conference will reveal case studies from companies that have successfully created and implemented green communications campaigns. They will specifically address the questions, issues, and opportunities facing the corporate communicator and marketer.

Andrew Fox, Senior Manager, Global Communications, AMD
Matthew Greene, Director of Marketing Communications, Eaton
Claudia Malley , Vice President, National Geographic
Thomas Mattia, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Public Affairs and Communications, The Coca-Cola Company
Lisa Swann, VP of Communications and Marketing, Earth Day Network
Lisa Witter, Board Member, and COO, FENTON Communications

Topics covered:
- What are specific examples that demonstrate how companies communicate their green initiatives?
- What are the lessons learned from these campaigns?
- How are green campaigns different and/or similar to standard programs?
- How does my company communicate "going green" authentically without being perceived as "jumping on the bandwagon"?
- What resources are available to help me and my company with, plan and execute green campaigns?
- What can my company do differently in future green endeavors to separate the strategies previously implemented in order to grow with the movement?

Sponsors: PR Newswire, LinkedIn, Climate Counts, Earth Day Network, Harris Interactive, CSRwire,, GuestPass InternationalHispanic Trending, LatinVision, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce,, New York Enterprise Report, NY:MIEG, New York University, PR News, SEMPO Institute,, Taproot Foundation, TheOnSwitch, Think Green Media, WOMMA 

For more information and to register visit Use promo code MSCOM when registering for a discounted rate of $145.