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OMMA Marketing Tech: How to Make That Pitch Stand Out


Last week, I had the pleasure of joining a ridiculously sharp group talking about evaluating marketing technologies. MediaPost covers the highlights (ignore that they call it OMMA Programmatic instead of OMMA Marketing Tech); I've included some excerpts below. Thanks Jess Joines for moderating a stellar session.


“Vetting the Vendors” at OMMA Programmatic on Wednesday addressed these issues with a panel led by Jessica Joines, co-founder & partner at Industry Index, a firm that ranks marketing technology vendors in the digital advertising ecosystem.

The panelists said it’s impossible to look at every email they receive in which vendors seek meetings. David Berkowitz, principal of Serial Marketer, his own consultancy and former CMO at MRY, said he’s spent a decade trying to create best practices around the issue. He keeps an “Idiots Tab” in Gmail for bad vendor pitches [note: this is not exclusively for bad pitches]. Some pitches are a “total waste of time,” Berkowitz said. Vendors need to know that “no” means “no.” Emails that are too long won’t be read. And those addressed to the right person at the beginning but conclude with a different name, will be pitched...

Berkowitz said he asks himself, “How likely am I to learn something during the meeting? That’s the question. It doesn’t matter whether the company is large or small. If they help me see something in a different way, it’s a meeting I’ll take.”...

Berkowitz added that so many companies claim to do everything, while they’re not particularly good at anything. Plus, many vendors don’t make good use of content marketing to market themselves. This type of marketing helps him learn new things.




A Hint of a New Title for OMMA Marketing Tech


Those who have a keen eye for spotting title changes may notice something a little different in my bio line, so let's all get that out in the open. Yes, I am ditching the use of "former agency CMO" so I can focus on what's ahead, not in the past. Serial Marketer is the name I'm using for my proprietorship, and I'll have a lot more to say about how that came about shortly. Consider OMMA Marketing Tech as a soft launch May 18. 

Let me know if you'll be there, or if you'll be around for other Internet Week events then in New York. I'll also be attending M1 Summit and speaking at Flashtalking's Art and Science Sessions

As for OMMA Marketing Tech, I was scouting Internet Week events to attend and saw what OMMA was doing (part of a few MediaPost is holding that week). Then I saw the panel on vetting vendors - something I've done a bit of over the years. And then I saw the inimitable Jessica Joines was moderating it, so I had to put my hat in the ring, and they were kind enough to say yes. Hope to see you there. Details of the panel are here:

Panel: Vetting The Vendors: It’s A Process

The cold calls are relentless. The acronyms are filling the next generation Lumascape. How do marketers put a process in place that keeps the dog wagging the tail rather than vice versa? How do you evaluate partners, ask them the right questions, build a stack of blocks that can be moved (or removed) as strategy, not technology, requires? And how can all of this be done internally without clogging appointment books with pitch meetings and stifling the very productivity all of this aims to accelerate? We end OMMA Marketing Technology with some guidance on first next steps.


See you at iMedia's Agency Summit?


I'm here at iMedia's Agency Summit in Lost Pines, TX on a panel (details below) about the nature of the agency and client relationships. It's only slightly ironic, as this is the first time in more than ten years that I'm not actually with an agency, and it's probably the only time (anytime soon) I will use "former" as my official title (more on that soon).

If you happen to be out here in Texas, let me know. If not and you want to catch up, let me know as well. I'm even testing out Calendly, so you can be one of the guinea pigs in using that to schedule something with me. Panel details:

Keynote: CMO Power Panel: The Modern Agency

This powerhouse panel led by John Durham, CEO/Managing Partner, Catalyst SF, will run the gamut of pressing industry topics: What is an agency? Has the idea of a digital agency finally died and, if so, what has replaced it? How is the client relationship evolving and how does that affect all agency departments – from creative to tech? In addition to these questions, the panelists will explore the evolving competition among agencies, the talent that’s most in demand, and the role of the smaller agency within the larger advertising model. 

David Berkowitz, Former Chief Marketing Officer, MRY
Dave Knox, Chief Marketing Officer, Rockfish Interactive
Shade Vaughn, Chief Marketing Officer, SapientNitro
Alicia Hatch, Chief Marketing Officer, Deloitte
Moderated By: John Durham, CEO / Managing Partner, Catalyst S+F

How Newton's Third Law Applies to SXSW


originally published in Advertising Age

To understand what happened at South by Southwest (SXSW) this year, pick up a physics textbook. Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion can be considered the primary law of the festival, and of the entire advertising industry: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

The law can explain practically every cultural phenomenon. It predicts how the rise of gyms and low-calorie foods coincided with the spike in obesity, and how we're in the heyday of both secularism and religious fundamentalism. Across the media, marketing and technology fields, polar-opposite trends keep surfacing, and five of these themes were pronounced during SXSW.

1. The long and short of content marketing. During a session where I spoke at German Haus, there was some debate about content best practices. Should marketers maintain an editorial calendar across platforms, or should they nimbly co-opt what consumers post about their products and category? Do consumers prefer media with high or low production value? Do people prefer shorter or longer content? I brought up Newton's Third Law during the session. A planned, beautifully shot five-minute video can be just as successful as a spontaneous, grainy, ten-second short. Other factors are more critical, such as the impact of the story, how well it fits with the channels where it runs, and the strategy to ensure the message reaches the right audience. Meanwhile, content will keep getting longer and shorter, richer and simpler, and more planned and spontaneous.

2. Multi-purpose vs single-purpose. Visa's startup competition at its Everywhere Lounge, run in conjunction with Kite, presented two different types of hardware startups. One was Knocki, a device that can be placed discreetly on or under a surface, and anyone can program it to perform various digital tasks that are triggered by knocking on the surface. It takes a page from If This Then That: If you tap it twice, then it will turn on the lights, and knocking three times will text a preset message to your spouse.

A competing startup was Hiku, a small device that uses voice activation or a barcode scanner to add groceries to your shopping list. Knocki can do anything, and its optimal use case may vary across its customer base. Hiku can only do one thing; it's taking a feature of the Amazon Echo and turning it into a standalone product. Simplicity and complexity are both proliferating with technology. Facebook, for example, has the Moments app that is only for privately sharing batches of photos with friends, while it is simultaneously turning Messenger into a platform that can be used for virtual assistants, games, shopping and possibilities that have yet to be imagined.

3. The many faces of influencers.When looking at the escalation of interest in reaching influencers, it's unlikely that there will be a totally opposite reaction where marketers seek people who are non-influential. Instead, marketers will find themselves shifting interests among many different kinds of influencers: 1) celebrities with massive reach but little organic connection to a given brand; 2) well-known content creators typically famous within a certain platform; 3) lesser-known people who have established credibility around their areas of expertise; 4) nominally influential people who have above-average engagement from their audiences and can be packaged together to achieve scale; 5) customers who may not have measurable reach but can become advocates and influence their peers; and 6) employees who can promote their organization's messages.

4. Virtual reality vs. reality. The opposite of Google Cardboard isn't Oculus Rift. No, the opposite of virtual reality is reality. As virtual reality becomes more popular, so will real reality. It's akin to why there's now cultural cachet in putting your phone away. The deeper that we get drawn into technology, the more we crave in-person interactions. There could be ramifications for other forms of media consumption should virtual reality usage become a standard part of one's daily life. If people find themselves too immersed and cut off from the real world, then they may look to overcompensate in minimizing usage of other media. Perhaps instead of watching two football games on Sunday in virtual reality, someone will watch much of one game in VR and then forsake watching the other at all. This in turn can have unpredictable effects on ad inventory, though benefits of VR's immersive ads could counter inventory decreases.

Spring Events: Kids and Cars, Romancing the C-Suite, CMOs Gone Wild

Will you be attending any of the events below? Let me know, as it would be great to connect around them. 

First, this Thursday, March 24, I return to MediaPost for Marketing:Automotive for a session where I'll draw from the research MRY put out a bit ago at the intersection of mobility and cars.  Here are the details of this session at 2:30pm: 

General Motors’ recent partnership with Lyft suggests that automakers are facing a stark reality: convenience is key to younger people, and they are more interested in technology than power. If Uber and Lyft are a sign of cool among younger demos today, what will happen when driverless cars finally come to market? Will tomorrow’s consumer regard the motor vehicle as a mere utility to get from Point A to Point B? What will it take to get the next generation to buy into idea of owning a car? 

Jeff Curry, Founder and President, Mere Mortals
David Berkowitz, Chief Marketing Officer, MRY
Duncan James, EVP, Global Head of Cadillac, Dentsu Aegis Network
Rachelle Petusky, Associate Manager, Research & Market Intelligence, Cox Automotive
Renee Stephens, Vice President, J.D. Power 

Next up is a free webinar from CommPro on Romancing the C-Suite: How to Communicate PR/Marketing Value, featuring AirPR's Rebecca Iliff, Danone's Michael Neuwirth, and Proof's Mark Stouse.  


Then in May, I'll head to Lost Pines, Texas outside of Austin for iMedia's Agency Summit. I'll kick off Monday, May 2 joining the CMO Power Panel:

Keynote: CMO Power Panel
David Berkowitz, MRY, Chief Marketing Officer
Dave Knox, Rockfish Interactive, Chief Marketing Officer
Shade Vaughn, SapientNitro, Chief Marketing Officer
Alicia Hatch, Deloitte, Chief Marketing Officer
Moderated By: John Durham, Catalyst S+F, CEO / Managing Partner

Let me know if you'll be in New York for MediaPost or Lost Pines for iMedia, or if you're joining the CommPro webinar.  

Follow the SXSW Chat on Storymaking with German Haus

Ahead of the session on the future of storytelling that I'm doing with German Haus at SXSW (see details here), I'm using ReplyAll to chat with host Irmela Schwab about themes from the session. This post will be continually updated as we have the conversation, and you can follow along right here. 

#DamnSXSW: The Only SXSW Preview You'll Ever Need

SXSW 2016 is fast upon us, so continuing what can now be considered something of a tradition, here is this year's #DamnSXSW preview deck, with a convenient preview of SXSW and a template you can fill out for your own recap decks after.


Kommen Sie mit mir auf Deutsch Haus auf dem SXSW


Are you going to SXSW 2016? Do you like tech startups? Do you love Germans? Are you a Rebecca Lieb groupie? 

Any of these are good reasons to stop by German Haus. As if you needed a reason to stop by German Haus!

And better still, you get to see me not once, not thrice, but twice!

On March 12, at 9:30am, you can catch me on this session:


In cooperation with W&V and Berlin School.

Get your coffee, breakfast bites, and early morning input all at once.

In this panel, experts from agencies and the entertainment industry discuss how brands spread their stories in the social web by experimenting with storytelling and by using influencers. Some are already claiming Youtube is conquering Hollywood. Without any doubt, there´s a lot to win for brands - the next Tom Cruise or the next big story might be coming out of the social sphere.

David Berkowitz, CMO, MRY, New York
Hector Silva, Partner at Big Embassy & Berlin School of Creative LeadershipAlumni, Austin
Oliver Fuchs, Managing Director, Bavaria Entertainment, Cologne
Rebecca Lieb, Analyst/Author/Advisor, New York
Host: Irmela Schwab, Journalist & Correspondent W&V, Munich

Stick around to catch me on the 11am session:


Successful content engages readers and gets them to share and react. Sites like Buzzfeed have built huge media empires around interactive content. We will discuss how every brand, website, and blog can benefit from this trend.

Anne Dwane, Chief Business Officer, Chegg Inc., San Francisco
Boris Pfeiffer, Founder, Riddle Inc., Munich
David Berkowitz, CMO, MRY, New York
Emerson Spartz, CEO, Dose.com, Chicago
Ingo Rübe, CTO, Burda Magazine Holding, Munich
James Currier, CEO, NFX.com, Palo Alto
Jonathan Smalll, VP Content, Riddle Inc., Tel Aviv

Don't tarry. RSVP for German Haus today!

And now... here's the entire post (except this line) in German, thanks to Google Translate: 

Gehst du zu SXSW 2016? Haben Sie Tech-Start-ups wie? Liebst du Deutschen? Sind Sie ein Rebecca Lieb Groupie?

Jedes dieser Programme sind gute Gründe, vom deutschen Haus zu stoppen. Wie bei Bedarf ein Grund von deutschen Haus zu stoppen!

Und noch besser, erhalten Sie mich nicht einmal zu sehen, nicht dreimal, sondern gleich zweimal!

Am 12. März um 9.30 Uhr, können Sie mich auf dieser Sitzung zu fangen:

Internationales Frühstück: Digital Storytelling - WIE MARKEN eine führende Rolle spielen kann,
In Kooperation mit der W & V und Berliner Schule.

Holen Sie sich Ihren Kaffee, Frühstück Stichen, und am frühen Morgen Eingang auf einmal.

In diesem Panel werden Experten aus Agenturen und der Entertainment-Industrie zu diskutieren, wie Marken verbreiten ihre Geschichten im Social Web, indem sie mit Geschichten zu experimentieren und Beeinflusser mit. Einige behaupten, bereits Youtube erobert Hollywood. Ohne Zweifel wurde leider viel für Marken, um zu gewinnen - die nächste Tom Cruise oder die nächste große Geschichte könnte aus dem sozialen Bereich kommen.

David Berkowitz, CMO, MRY, New York
Hector Silva, Partner bei Big Embassy & Berlin School of Creative-LeadershipAlumni, Austin
Oliver Fuchs, Geschäftsführer, Bayern Entertainment, Köln
Rebecca Lieb, Analyst / Autor / Advisor, New York
Host: Irmela Schwab, Journalist und Korrespondent W & V, München

Bleiben, um mich auf dem 11.00 Uhr Sitzung zu fangen:

WIE WEBSITES profitieren von Quizzes und Persönlichkeitstests
Erfolgreiche Inhalt greift Leser und bekommt sie zu teilen und zu reagieren. Webseiten ähnlich Buzzfeed haben riesige Medienreiche um interaktive Inhalte gebaut. Wir werden diskutieren, wie jede Marke, Website und Blog von diesem Trend profitieren können.

Anne Dwane, Chief Business Officer, Chegg Inc., San Francisco
Boris Pfeiffer, Gründer, Riddle Inc., München
David Berkowitz, CMO, MRY, New York
Emerson Spartz, CEO, Dose.com, Chicago
Ingo Rübe, CTO, Burda Magazine Holding München
James Currier, CEO, NFX.com, Palo Alto
Jonathan Smalll, VP Inhalt, Riddle Inc., Tel Aviv

Sie nicht verziehen. RSVP für deutsche Haus noch heute!

Meet up at Mobile World Congress?


In what feels overdue, I'm finally making it to Mobile World Congress for the first time this year. I'll be speaking at Mobile Media Summit on the session detailed below. You can also find a slew of updates on Twitter from my colleagues at Starcom Mediavest Group by checking out the hashtag #SMGatMWC. You can also check out SMG's full speaker roster, featuring Laura Desmond, Lisa Donohue, and other luminaries. 

If you are out at MWC, drop me a note. Along with some events from Mobile Media Summit and SMG, I'll also be attending the IAB's sessions on Tuesday and some events hosted by Medialink, Twitter, TechCrunch, and others. And the Swedish Beers meetup looks like fun. 

Here's my session info, scheduled for just after 2pm Monday:

Creativity + Action = Masterful Mobile Experiences

The mobile technology stack is finally robust enough for marketers to create amazing campaigns and experiences. Taking a platforms focus, our experts will demonstrate ways to infuse innovation and unleash the creative process to build mobile products and services to delight consumers at the same time driving brand interactions via utility and interface. Creating digital experiences requires both "say" and "do" with "do" offering perhaps the most critical and often overlooked impact on success.

  • Justin Pearse (Moderator) - Managing Director , The Drum Works
  • Chris Colborn - EVP Global Chief Design and Innovation Officer, R/GA
  • Darin Brown - EMEA CEO, POSSIBLE
  • David Berkowitz - Chief Marketing Officer, MRY
  • Tom Daly - Group Director, Global Connections, Coca-Cola

Quiz: How Well Do You Know CES Tech Flops?

With my friends at Riddle, I've got a fun CES quiz for you. I learned a few things along the way. Take the quiz and let me know how well you did.